• Developed as a standard series of high efficiency, hot-swap front end power supplies, the HFE is available in two power levels, 1600W and 2500W, and with output voltages of 12, 24, 32 and 48V. A number of 1U 19"" racks are available; a 5 slot version accepting HFE1600 modules, a 4 slot taking HFE2500 modules, plus a choice of IEC320 C20 sockets or screw terminals for the AC input. PMbus™ communication interface and LAN options can also be requested.


Input Voltage : 100/200VAC


Output Power : 1600/2500W 


Output Voltage Lineup : 12to 48VDC 



Front end powersupply

Ultra-high power density/highefficiency 1U rack mount

Optional PMBus compatible model available

Number of Outputs : 1CH